Moods of Old Dhaka

2010, Bangladesh

When I was 12, my father used to take me to his restaurant in early morning by Rickshaw at Jonson road, old Dhaka. In the morning the chaos of hawkers, various complicated discussion at the tea table of the advocates; light sounds of glasses by the waiters make a strange in my mind. Sitting beside father’s chair I used to drink Coca-Cola by straw and thinking about the man in advertisement who drink through her lips without straw. After that I went with someone who shows me some streets of old town, which was my first visit of old Dhaka.

There is 400 years history of old Dhaka. Many writers and poets wrote many famous poems and stories about old Dhaka. People have particular style in the way of talk and act, which gives feeling of the characteristics of it. It’s like the every element of the city is helping each other to live. Some parts of the city reveal its real character in the late night.