Islam in Ireland

‘Islam in Ireland’ is a documentary about the development of Islamic society around  Ireland in Last 60 years. It will explore the little history of the Muslim people since 1950 to till now. The documentary will speak about the raising of Islam in Ireland and how it developed through last few decades and how big the community is today. The community of Muslim representative’s will speak about the recent history and the other prominent organization leaders who helped to build such good Islamic centers, which allowed the growing Muslim community to practice, teach and learn the religion.

Director & Producer:

Tamim Jamshed

Interviews of:

Abdul Haseeb

Chairperson of Al Magrib Institute

Dr. Ali Selim

Senior Member of Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland

Ismail Kotwal

Imam of Black Pitt Mosque

Yahya M. Al-Hussein (Imam)

Islamic Foundation of Ireland

Moosa Patel

Chairperson of Muslim Youth Ireland

Farhad Patel

Chairperson of FOSIS, Trinity College