Blooming Concrete I & II

2011 – 2013, Bangladesh

At the beginning Dhaka was a small city with a few thousand people. This city which is situated on the bank of the river Buriganga was recognized in 1608 by covering an area of about 4 to 5 miles. At that time the population of Dhaka was about 200 thousand. In 2008 Dhaka completed its 400th anniversary as a capital city. The population of Dhaka is now more than 20 million. The city is expanding without any proper plan, and so our agricultural land is decreasing posing a serious threat to our food security. Overpopulation is the number one problem of Dhaka today. And Dhaka is currently the world’s third most polluted city in terms of total suspended particulates (TSP) in the air. The environment of the city is so gloomy.

Natural resources are the most important base of civilization and urbanization. Resources are limited but the population of the city getting bigger and bigger day by day. There is a saying, ‘If you dig something out of the land, then you are inviting disaster.’ Today’s Dhaka is plagued with a number of mounting problems. Deforestation, lacking of agricultural land, biggest population, all are linked which forcing the unplanned city towards a concrete jungle.